Sustainability 101

Simão Cunha
3 min readSep 27, 2020
Photo by Mert Guller on Unsplash

Let’s talk about sustainability, which to me, is the word of the year. At a time when we all have a duty to change our habits, if we want to leave a habitable planet for our children and grandchildren, and lower CO2 emissions.

CO2 is not a bad thing, quite the contrary, without it, there was no planet, the only bad thing in this equation is the human being, or rather, capitalism, the bad thing is people who want to make money fast without spending a lot, these people don’t think about the future, they just want to fill their bank account, who knows why. There are those who say that they have some kind of complex, or that they were taught that “money is the most important thing in the world”, but we are not going to talk about capitalism again.

The human being uses more CO2 than forests can absorb, the human being is destroying forests, and by decreasing the number of forests, CO2 absorption will be less, which are fundamental for the good functioning of the planet. The human being has already realized (if not, should), that the temperature of the planet is increasing more and more, and will continue to increase, until there is someone who does something. (In case you didn’t notice, we are the ones who can change.)

Did you know that one degree increase in the oceans is enough to kill coral reefs?

Did you know that cows are not the problem of methane gas? The problem is where the human being places them.

Did you know that glyphosate, a chemical used in insecticides and pesticides, in addition to contaminating soils and water, also causes cancer?

I adopted a vegan diet for moral and health reasons, and I support everyone who wants to adopt too, I realized that it is not worth it to force someone in having a vegan diet, who does not want to, does not want, and I respect those people, I just have to say that those people should pay attention to where the meat they eat comes from. Agriculture and livestock companies must put on the label what they feed the plants, or the animals, enough of secrets, people have to know what they are eating.

World governments must force livestock producers to adopt a regenerative system, leave animals on one portion of land for x time, and then move on to another portion and leave the old portion untouched for six months. In this way they have the happiest animals, they manage to control the gases harmful to the planet and offer quality product to the customer.

Yes, I know that doing this costs money, but I also know that if the material is quality, the customer will not mind paying more.

Not to mention plastic, and the lies they taught us, one of them, “plastic is recyclable”, that is, it is, but it not worth the job for companies to recycle. It’s time for plastic companies to end production, it’s time to produce planet-friendly material, there are alternatives, no plastic is needed.

This year is the year when we have to change the direction of the planet, we choose, do we want a healthy planet, or a sick planet?