My Way Down through Capitalism Road

Simão Cunha
4 min readMay 5, 2020
Photo by Rick Tap on Unsplash

Do you know what intuition is?

It’s the way the Universe has to get in touch with you.

Let me tell you a story, it’s about the day that I knew how intuition manifests. Let’s go back in time (mentally, of course, it is not possible to travel back in time… for now), until 2016, the year I joined a network marketing company (a fancy name for a pyramid scheme), at that time I went letting myself go, I was innocent and didn’t know anything about the world (I don’t even know now, but I used to know less).

When I joined the company, I went to the company’s first training / motivational event in Rome, Italy, it was a three-day event, and it was brutal, yes, seriously, at the end of the event, I felt a kind of wheel spinning upwards in the center of my chest, it was when a colleague told me that it was the Universe telling us that we were on the right track and motivated to achieve the goals we had. If we felt the kind of wheel spinning upwards, we were motivated, our heart was racing and it didn’t interest us to sleep or stand still doing nothing, we just wanted to work for ourselves. But if the wheel turned down, we were unmotivated, we had no patience to do anything, we felt tired.

Well, after returning to my country of residence I decided to get my hands on work and work towards my dreams (which at that time were goals), do you know what happened?

I was distracted by the challenges that the universe placed in my path … I worked, but I was easily distracted, that’s when I felt the wheel spinning downwards. Deep down I knew I wasn’t giving 100% of me, and I couldn’t care less, the motivation of the event lasted only a week, and, long story short, I knew that if I wanted to be successful in that company, I had to focus all my energy at it, so, I put the papers to leave the full-time job I had to focus only on working for my goals, the mistake was, not to calculate or cut expenses, basically I was living on paycheck-to-paycheck, and at that moment I was lost, without salary, without cuts in expenses, everything was falling apart.

It was then that, after leaving the network marketing company, which I returned to the job market, now in another area (to anyone interested, private security), I got a job in that area, a solid and certain job. I put…