I Slept With My Friend’s Ex

Simão Cunha
2 min readDec 19, 2020
Photo by Noah Smith on Unsplash

It is my fault?

Before you answer, let me explain.

My friend had broken up with his girlfriend, also from our group of friends, from what he told me, two weeks ago. She and I, she had made the invitation, had agreed to go see the stars, from the top of the mountain, here in our area, using my telescope (not a euphemism).

The assembly of the telescope, because it is elaborated and complete, takes about fifteen minutes, and after having finished assembling it, my friend’s ex begins to kiss me. I don’t have the habit of looking at my watch, but we found ourselves in my car, kissing, closer to the next stages, while my valuable and very expensive telescope was outside.

I know, I should have interrupted the kiss out of respect for my friend, and I also know that until now, 50% of the fault is mine, but also, due to Covid-19, it has been difficult to be single, you understand, right?

Let’s move on…

As for sex, it was the best I’ve ever had, neither of both of us felt pressured to anything, everything went so smoothly, like a river running its course, without interruption, that we both came to the conclusion that, what we had done, had been the best of our life.

But, we had to talk later, (I know, so many things to do with the mouth, we have to waste on talking), taking into account the number of laws that we were breaking, from the Bro Code to the national law, we were lucky, nobody had driven up the mountain, considering that it is a very desirable place for that act, and we came to the conclusion that it was only wrong if one of us had been forced to do, and from the moment, that we were both in tune, it is not wrong, so, on our part, everything was quiet, also, we had discovered sex from another world, and it wouldn’t be the last time we were going to do it.

As for my friend, well, if neither of us tells him, it only happened for both of us, there is no need to add more people.

Based on real events.